Tomas Januskevicius

Managing Director

Tomas is the Managing Director of BCA Concepts, having previously being State Manager for national Building Surveying Firms in South Australia and Northern Territory. Tomas has extensive Building Code experience successfully delivering complex projects across Australia from inception through to project completion. He has completed a Diploma in Access Consulting and often plays a dual role on projects as a BCA and Access Consultant.

His 16 years experience and the ability to communicate compliance requirements in simple terms lets him work collaboratively with architects, developers, builders and other stakeholders to deliver compliant project outcomes and a smooth approvals process. Tomas will ensure all your Regulatory building requirements are met on your next project.

Craig Harvey

Building Surveyor

Craig is a Building Surveyor and Registered Level 1 Accredited Certifier with more than seven years of experience. His warm and collaborative style allows him to work with diverse stakeholder groups to deliver innovative and timely project outcomes.

Craig has provided certification services to major projects across Adelaide and Darwin. His collaborative and practical style lets him work with architects, developers and builders to unlock project value by devising approaches that meet building code provisions while also utilising his problems solving skillset where prescriptive requirements can not be met.

Jennifer Nguyen

Cadet Building Surveyor

Jennifer comes to BCA Concepts having completed a Bachelor Degree in Construction Management and Economics. Her previous role at Local Council has given her a sound understanding of the statutory requirements, local PDI Act and Regulations.

Jennifer is a passionate and enthusiastic individual ready to assist you on your next project.

Karlee Somerset

Office Manager/Assistant

Karlee provides administration support and financial accounts management to the Building Surveying team.

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